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Sounds cool!

No one's mentioned how the little camel-back hill at the bottom is soo..

How was it?
Rode it twice yesterday, once during the day, and once at night. The second night ride was the best. It felt faster the second time around, and being dark is always a plus. The sound effects at the launch were great, and going up, over, and down that hill is a blast! Like dragontamer said, that little bump at the bottom of the hill happens so fast. I dont think you get much, if any airtime. Love the roll, definetely a nice change from a loop. But im with the majority about the second half of the ride. after the trim brakes over the station, the ride is so so. I think a helix like dragon would have been a better choice. But hey, im just glad lagoon has a great new coaster. Also, Im 6'5", so the leg restraints are not comfortable for me. I have to tuck my legs back to get the (food tray) as someone called it, to sit on my lap so the lower bar kinda jabs into my shins. But hey, thats how it is with all coasters, they arent made for tall people. I can barely fit into Dragon, my back, and knees are wedged between the seat, and the front of the car. But anyway, Wicked is awesome. Great ride Lagoon, cant wait to ride it again.
Katun Wrote: Who me? ???

No, JordanM!

OH! I just found something JordanM! I am in one of your pictures! I think I was on the real first public car because I am about 20 people ahead of you in line. When you took the picture, I was in line for a second time! I think that you are going to argue with me about this.

Off topic...a little: I took some great videos of Wicked on June second!
They should be up on YouTube soon.
I even took a POV that turned out horribly!

Moderator Note: Please Watch the Double Posting. JordanM was also the First LIF Forum Member to Ride Wicked. Wink
skid_68 Wrote: the lower bar kinda jabs into my shins.

Yeah I noticed that too with me. My short cousins loved the seats and I did too but the lower bar kinda hurt.
Hey guys & gals!
Josh, I was told lastnight that after the ride Opened, the "Seat Insert" Policy was Tweeked from "Between 46" and 50" must sit in Designated Seats.", to "Between 46" and 52" must sit in Designated Seats." The Height Restriction being Raised to "Under 50" May Not Ride" is most likely because of Safety and Operations. The Seat Inserts are a Pain in the ASS to Lock In! Meanwhile the Trains would all be Stacked, basically shutting the ride down for 2 minutes every time someone under 52" rode. I feel this may have been done also due to the Ride Itself, as the ride is pretty intense. I definately think 50" is more appropriate for this ride.

PS - Thanks for Not Calling me Josh! I was at the park Friday and Saturday! Laugh

PSS - LagoonNerds, Thanks for not saying "Hi" to me! Laugh

You Both are Dead to Me!
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Anyone going today? ??? ??? ???
probably. If so, only until 2.

My videos are up on youtube and my website!
i went yesterday and the line was all the way to the sky ride and i got to ride it and it felt a lot faster than fire dragon i loved it everything was high tech

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