Your welcome!

The best ride at Lagoon!!!
I was the fourth one in line!
I was on the first public car!
I rode it a total of four times!


When you shoot out of the station there is this loud rocket sound. The ride is not industry themed. I recommend that you sit in the front row.
This part is for men: After the Zero-G roll, the seat restraints hit your "family jewels"
The line only took 45 minutes. I hope that I was a good help to everyone.

Having just gotten back from the park a little bit ago, let me just say...

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i283/d...edSign.jpg width=600 height=450 />

http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i283/d...dNight.jpg width=600 height=450 />

Not the greatest photos, we rode it 2 times once around 6:45 and then again at 10:00, night time is much better. Waited about 45 minutes for both times.

Got a couple more pictures of the sign tonight, try not to hurt your neck!

http://www.so-wicked.com/STA70083.JPG width=600 height=450 />
http://www.so-wicked.com/STA70085.JPG width=600 height=450 />

Thank you, and please remember - no step on car!
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JordanM Wrote: ...and please remember - no step on car!

...but only in the red zone.
^ You have to love the german-english translation there! Laugh

As for the line, even if there are people camped out it shouldnt be too much more than an hour wait at any given time. Wink

@ Tatsu - I was with my dad on the first public car right behind maintenance... who were you?

Coincidence... lol. Laugh
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^Yeah, I'm just hopin' to make an early AM ambush & get a couple rides in *before* it turns into an hour wait.
Ok, so of the four rides today, the last one at closing was the best. The ride got faster and more forceful as the day/night went on. The Airtime at the Top of the Tower was pretty Hard and the "airtime hill" was actually kinda uncomfortable. The "Immelmann" was good, the Heartline Roll ok, as well as the Half Pipe. However, the most PAINFUL part of the ride was in the Carousel or "Lake Turn" where there was some HARD Laterals and Roughness. The second tunnel is kinda pointless, but overall the ride is pretty fun. I have video of the ride I will post ASAP. Smile
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A video of Wicked on opening day...Enjoy
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For those of you that have been on it, is there any airtime at the bottom of the first drop when you go over the tiny camelback?


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