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Hey guys, I'm home for a few hours after Lagoon today. I have some good news...

Today, after waiting for around 3 hours in a line, I got to ride on the first public car on Wicked. We were right behind a row of maintenance guys. It was a really great ride, and it was better even being the first! Heres what I think:


The seats are very roomy and comfortable, and the lap bars are nice. They aren't quite the "blades" I had thought they would be. The only complaint I have about the seats is that it seems like theres too much room between the seat and the floor of the car. Really comfortable though.


The speed was ok for me, but the ride even weighed down with passengers seemed a bit slower than it should be. The initial launch up the tower was pretty much the perfect speed though.

Everything else:

Wicked is a fantastic ride. I would ride again and again, even though it is a little bit slow for me. I cant wait to see all the landscaping and everything else finished.


Before the ride opened:

The neon sign was up:

As was the information sign:

The neon sign was on for a minute:

After the ride opened (3:00):

The line was back at the Wild Mouse:

More of the line:


The neon sign is also a water feature:

People coming back to the station:

Having fun!:

And lastly is a perfect view of the sign:

Overall the entire experience was great. I got to be in the first 4 public riders and I was interviewed by the Deseret news. How fun! Laugh

I am looking forward to going back tonight to ride again and get some more pics. See ya later!
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Did it feel faster than collossus?
Drove by Lagoon at around 2:30 and was upset to see it not running, then I drove by around 4:30 and was running.
It was a bit of a blur to me so I cat remember if it felt faster than Dragon.

About landscaping and stuff - there will be a pond but there is no music right now. There is a "boom" sound effect when you launch though. Wink

By the way - if the pictures seem mis-matched, its because they aren't all uploaded yet so bear with me.
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Very cool, is there a wind tunnel effect while waiting to launch?
Just went and came back.
thats all youre gonna give us? no ride review? @japaninator
I would rather let people ride it and form their own opinions.
I'm heading over there right now and hopeing ill be able to ride it!
Great pics! I'm heading there Monday to ride it!


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