Davis County proposing ban on smoking in outdoor public areas
Salt Lake Tribune Article
[quote] FARMINGTON -- Davis County could be the newest place to ban smoking outdoors at public places.
that would be good.
very good Happy
I would love that!

Very very very good, might interest more in attending a smoke free park.
Last Saturday when it was super crowded, there were some people smoking in front of me in line.
I'm thinking Lagoon may create "Smoking Areas" like other parks have. Mark, find a lagoon employee if someone is smoking in line. If not, get out of line and tell the operator/attendant, and they will usually let you back in line with your party, after telling the offenders to put out their cigarettes. Most smokers though, will put it out if you ask. Wink
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being a way to point out to others that you are not Mormon/LDS
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Salt Lake Tribune Article
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