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randomosis Wrote: ^ that was the joke part of the post

Do I need to hold up a sarcasm sign?
Let me just tell you when I went to ride Fire Dragon I got into the car and when it started going upside it was so jigly and it was horrible coming down through that turn after the loop! It whipped my neck so hard! Mad And coming
through the helix was rough too! Mad The only smooth part was the drop!
But it was still fun Laugh It was just rougher than usual, Thats All Wink
You got the red train, didnt you? Laugh
JordanM Wrote: You got the red train, didnt you? Laugh
Red & Green LOL
Yeah the Blue Train is where it is at.
I noticed that about dragon also, but it was the red train. The worst was the track inbetween the loops.
Hmph. The most I think it's been rough is at the end brakes.

Today I got the green train. Or I think I did, it's hard to tell between blue and green. It was very bumpy. Think they'll smooth it out along with the paint job? That would be nice.
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The paint Job won't make any difference its the wheels and the overhaul of the trains that makes it great, but every year the Red and Green are rougher than the Blue
The Straight Away is not Rough! It can throw you around a little if you aren't prepared for the Transitions. Wink The Blue Train ROCKS! Laugh
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