I had a nightmare to Fire Dragon!!!!! Also about lagoon!!!
Hi guys, I just had a dream last night that I was riding colossus then it started the drop, then went upside down then the front car deatached!!!!! I was so scared!!! Then the worker tried to stop it then the back car which I was in it deatached, then the car flew off the turn then I was flying in the air, then I was dropping and there was a bar close to me, it sliced me in half and that is when I woke Up!!!!
Post coment about what you think Happy
What kind of medication are you taking?
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i had one but i don't remember what it was about lol Happy
Funny... my Lagoon nightmare usually involved the words "Dracula's Castle" and "Fire Inspector"...
Funny you all have nightmares.
I had a dream about lagoon once. It was a good one though.

I dreamed the bat was this huge coaster with corkscrews and loops and all that stuff.It was really slow though. Tongue
that would be awesome except for the slow part
The only thing I have ever dreamed about Lagoon is while riding Re-Entry and waiting at the top, the tower fell over onto the Catapult which in turn fell onto th SkyScraper which then rolled away down the highway. Woah.
^ LOL, that would be awesome!


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