How about a Lagoon Is Fun "Wicked Party"
Just a thought...what about a get together shortly after the opening of Wicked for an "ALL LIFF" train on wicked? Maybe we could get together for some other rides or a picnic. Any ideas? Will, Sid any thoughts? (I will bring the chicken!)

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that would be cool Happy
Id do it!
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I like the idea also. It would be fun to ride Wicked with everyone here. We just need to pick a date and a time to meet. A picnic would be fun and and a good chance for us to meet and talk to each other face to face.

ya that would be awesome but hopefully i don't work that day
Mid June is best for me - anything after the first week. Wink

I could go and try (and fail. again.) to bug Sid.
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i would have to take that day off Happy
It would be better if we can schedule it so Lloyd and Mustang can Schedule it off Wink
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thanks Happy and it is easy to Schedule days off also Happy
ohh yeah...that would be so much fun.
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