Bat Progression
Today I went on the Lagoon Trail and heard lots of noise and commotion. I looked through my binoculars Tongue , they had made lots of progression on the bat and I noticed that they were putting the motor of the bat on! And were working on the lifting mechanism. This made me exited they are getting very close from what I saw. I also noticed that where all the parts used to be laid on the ground were not there any more you know what that means that they are almost done :shock: . I
Well, don't get your hopes up. By the way maintenance is speaking the ride won't be ready for the first couple of weekends. Sorry.
That's ok. It's not a big shock to me.
With all the problems I've read about with some of the other new rides it sounds like it might be smart to delay the opening. It would be nice if they could sort out all the bugs rather than rushing things to open it on opening day only to have it down half the year due to problems.
It still will have probs Every new ride has at least a year to get into proper running condition. So don't think a opening afew eekends late will have it have no probs!
Sometimes I am glad that Lagoon doesn't invest huge money on a single ride. I was on rcdb today and reading about Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan... they spent $51 million dollars on this coaster in 2000 and it has been closed since 2003, I think that is the type of thing that could put a family owned park like Lagoon out of business...
Well first off hoepfully Lagoon knows enought not to buy a Morgan!!!!!

But I say big ride I don't mean a record breaker like SD2K or MF.

Even a clone to Nemesis Inferno at Thrope Park would be sweet Inverteds raily go over 100 ft.

Yopu can be bigg and be under 100 ft you just need to be creative and not buy what ever a company has on the shelf and shelf bought coaster like the Bat.

Need somebody Like Cedar Fair that goes well thats nice but what if you could do this. Just get something some else doesn't have.

Its very simple think outside the box. The bat is not creative at all, but it fits the shelf coaster they bought!
Quote:be creative and not buy what ever a company has on the shelf
I would love to see Lagoon get a custom built coaster. Something that utilized wherever it is in the park would really be awesome.
If lagoon built a 100+ incline inverted coaster it would be a shocker...I don't think the Freeds have it in them to build a coster that costs more than $3,000,000.

*Heres where I go on my if I ran Lagoon this is what I would do rant*

I would do maintenance on rides during the 2006 offseason but build no new ride. However, I would have a publicized "BIG THING for 2007" run during 2006 to get people excited and keep coming to the park. That big thing would be a custom coaster with a 2nd smaller ride built to accompany it in the north end (replacing the Hydro Luge).
I'm surprised that lagoon has not advertised for

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