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(11-30-2018, 04:42 PM)CPrider Wrote: Walking around the park when the park is closed is my favorite time to be there it's really peaceful and calm and you get to see a lot of detail. if you're not there alone you miss.
Only thing that's scary that happens when the park is closed is Perry driving around. Help us all.. lol
Seriously though, my absolute favorite time of the day was when the park closed at the end of the night; the cool breeze cascaded down Farmington Canyon, and it was just calm & peaceful. Such a holy time to experience the park. I honestly wish there was like an hour after the rides closed that they let guests just enjoy the quiet of the midway without Security doing the crowd-roping they do. Wink

(11-30-2018, 05:19 PM)DeLorean Wrote: How many times did everyone go to the park last year though?
I think only 4 this year. Probably less next year.

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