Frightmares 2018
Wow! I saw Mariner and all I can say is... wow! It’s so refreshing to see a show in a theme park that doesn’t talk down to the audience!! It was not at all what I was expecting. I’m going to go read the poem again (haven’t read it since high school) and go back and watch the show again! Does Lagoon always do original shows?
Is that the Haunted Mansion font on Maleficent Mansion?
This is my review for Frightmares 2018

I just want to say, that the park decorations are a million times better than last year, and so are the stalk-a-rounds. The straw maze was okay, Treat Street was unique and fun, and Spook-a-boo was my favorite kids one. The scare zone was fantastic. I loved the changes and the actors. The scare zone seemed a lot darker and scarier this year, making it worth a 3 spider rating. 

Frightening Frisco
I am glad they bumped this down to a four spider rating, because that is what it is. The actors interacted with  me in this one more than any others.
This one is my 2nd favorite due to how awesome the theming and props are.

This was the darkest and most disturbing this year. It had a very satanic vibe to it. The actors were standard, and there were not a lot of jump scares, but it had that creepy feel. For some reason, just like last year, it was not as detailed as it used to be, and there was way less special effects.

Malevolent Mansion
There was nothing new in this one, which is not a bad thing. This one has lots of great special effects, and was very detailed and had grand sets. This was also very gory in some scenes. There were more jumpscares in this one than Nightwalk for me. I did not like the ending, it was very underwhelming, dead, and bare.

Nightmare Midway
Meh. This one was alright. The actors were okay, and there were some decent scares, but a confusing theme. Felt like a Labyrinth re-creation than a nightmare midway or deception like we predicted. 

Funhouse of Fear
This one was my favorite. The actors were fantastic, and I loved how fun it was to walkthrough. I got more jumps in this one than any others. 

Hack and Slash was fine. Mariner was great. The park decorations have improved.  Overall, this was the best year for them I think. They finally feel like a real haunt, like cedar fair park haunts. Frightmares feels more fun though. My only complaints are that I wish we had midway gags like the gargoyle and the man who gets his head ripped off again, and the line up of haunted houses is a very odd mix. The fact that their is a lot of haunted house choices to choose from makes it very underwhelming that we got a un-original old maze and a new kids walkthrough. Here are some ideas

A haunted hospital
A haunted cornmaze/Fear Farm
A slaughterhouse type maze
A haunted hotel. (I think this would do great here)
A killer campsite
And last, an alien/zombie haunted house/ or wasteland haunted house.
If they did another haunted house with zombies, since the acting has improved, it should be better than zombie lockdown. 

Besides these things I thought it was a great year. 8.7 out of 10. Sorry for the long review, but it is a honest one
(09-17-2018, 07:11 PM)jetstar2 Wrote: I just can't watch the shows at Lagoon. It feels wrong and unnatural to me. It's because for decades all the shows were horrific cover renditions of already terrible pop music. It hurt my ears and was just nauseating. I became so used to avoiding being within earshot of them at all costs that intentionally going and sitting in the theater is almost as unnatural to me as intentionally going and sitting in on an LDS church meeting.

I was convinced to go see Strawberry Fields, and it was fine, even enjoyable, but it still just didn't feel right being there. I didn't go see Mariner. I know some of the people I was with at Frightmares who did see it were a little put-off and felt it was not the right type of thing for Lagoon, but when I suggested to those people Lagoon should have a show with strippers they seemed to think that was a good idea. I did overhear other people who thought Mariner was amazing, so I guess its just a matter of tastes.

My aversion to the shows is also why I had no interest in Seance last year. My interest in facades (and listening to the FanX panel) is actually what drew me in this year. It was awesome, in my mind it's half dark ride and half show (with a little touch of walk-through), and I love that Lagoon has it. I really think it should go all year even if it's impossible to find additional actors who are as good as the guy doing it now.
(09-17-2018, 09:14 PM)crooks.mark Wrote: I completely agree with you on the old Lagoon shows. Nothing was worse than being stuck in line for roller coaster while some current pop hit was being murdered on the carousel stage. The live entertainment has gotten considerably better since J.W. became involved. I really enjoyed Verano this year. Anyway I'm glad you decided to go to Seance. It was the highlight of Frightmares for me last year and I'm hoping to see it several times this season.
I'm interested in what years and/or decades you thought had horrible pop renditions. You were not the intended audience target, obviously.

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