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(08-19-2018, 05:26 PM)linearinduction Wrote: Here's my question about the Topper Track though... Why haven't more parks installed it and/or why have those that did have it in the Six Flags chain then have I-box conversions?  Was it because of the topper track they went with the I-Box, or has RMC been pushing the I-Box as a permanent fix and Topper just a stop gap?

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I dunno because its an awesome product. It keeps a wood coaster a wood coaster but at the same time makes the maintenance less and makes the ride so much better. The turn on Tremors they put it on used to be horrible and now its absolutely amazing. The transitions between the tradition track and the topper track you can tell when it starts and ends its pure gold. RMC's ground up wood coasters all use the topper track system. I wish more parks would go that route instead of the I-box track. I-Bo does make for some awesome rides but there is no need to kill off a wood coaster when topper track is so good.

If Silverwood was to topper track all of Tremors, holy cow man that would only elevate the coaster to a whole new level, better than it already it.
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