Toy Man TV: Explores the classic rides at Paradise Pier...
A video of this channel has been shared on here before. But Recently he and his wife went to Disneyland and have made 6 videos so far about the journey. This is number 6 and it focus's on the Travers Circle Swing at DCA and in so doing mentions about Saltair's and Lagoons Circle Swings and I thought I'd share it with the forum.

[Image: 63b8acec93efb554cba7644d62fa3a0c.png]

 Expert on SALTAIR -- The Coney Island of the West
I don't think I've ever been more terrified on a ride than I was when I rode the Rockets.
Rename Roller Coaster to 'Lagoon's Classic Roller Coaster'
  • A distinct name
  • Adjective + Roller Coaster format everybody uses (white roller coaster, wooden roller coaster, etc.)
  • Describes the ride
  • Includes the current name

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