(09-07-2017, 06:02 PM)ilikelagoon Wrote: I just found out that they assigned me to work in NIGHTWALK. I am so excited you guys!

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Lucky!  Shocked Shocked Shocked

(09-07-2017, 09:33 PM)Stacy Wrote: My wife has a job in frightmares in frightening Frisco.  She has a background in acting so this should be interesting.

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I had no idea. That's really awesome!  Rolleyes

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hear are some more pictures from today for Frightmares prep
1st and 2nd are of some Frightmares shirts that i didn't think should be ought already but they were 3rd and 4th are the sides of the carousel theater 5th and 6th are of the new deck 7th is of the front of the Malevolent Mansion and 8th is the front of the Fun House Of Fear and 20 Years Of Fear

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They also have the towers from Zombie Lockdown in the middle of Log Flume. That should be interesting.
have they always don that to the clown house before they have the actual front on them?
(09-10-2017, 09:07 AM)Isaac Olson Wrote: have they always don that to the clown house before they have the actual front on them?

Not usually. This  front is new.

A few pics of Log Flume:
I'm intrigued by the Seance info on Lagoon's website. Check this out:

[Image: PvI2YU1.png]

The location isn't the Game Time Stage. Instead, it states that it will be north of Game Time. I'm curious where this will put it.
Now that sounds interesting!
It's that construction that's been going on!
my guess is the opera house but you missed something on the picture it costs money

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