BomBora 2017
(08-25-2017, 03:00 PM)KittyCatCoaster Wrote: I agree  Frown the ride just isn't the same without the music! I'm glad they're getting it fixed though. Also, hi, I'm new!

Welcome to LIF!
Thank you!
Just saw this on youtube

Anyone heard if they fixed the music yet? My kids loved that ride!
It hasn’t been working for a while... last I visited in late 2017 it was still down. It’s probably just something that lagoon wants to fix, but they have other priorities like Samurai or Catapult or new bathrooms!

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I’ve been thinking. Even if this is a year that lagoon is only doing general improvements and no new rides, maybe some smaller things like Bombora’s music may be fixed this year. Hopefully at least!

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