Salt Lake Tribune: What's new at Lagoon? It's a scream
(05-26-2017, 11:25 AM)linearinduction Wrote: And the year before as well. I'm really hoping this year's day show doesn't end up a mess like Cedar Point's "Jungle Fantasy" at Lusty Lil's Saloon in Frontier Town in 2001. There are things, so many things, Corn Dogs, Fresh Cut Fries, Laps on Millennium Force, Raptor, and Mantis that can't help you unsee some things.

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ROTFL!!!! Glad I didn't see that!  Laugh Laugh Laugh
If day show is a mess I blame sid
(05-24-2017, 06:46 AM)jetstar2 Wrote: Cool, in addition to the name for Mr Terror 'Louis von Black' (ummm... Lewis Black?) there's also mention that the mural has been 'copied and painted' in the image gallery.

Good catch. The article makes it sound like the original had been restored and re-installed. The photo description makes it clear that it's a copy of the original.

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