Lagoon admits to having built a new ride.
I almost missed this but yesterday evening Lagoon actually acknowledged the existence one of the two new rides that opened last Saturday.

Still no mention of the ride on the parks website, and still no mention of Flying Tigers anywhere, but it seems Lagoon is slowly becoming willing to admit that they have built at least one new ride.
Rename Roller Coaster to 'Lagoon's Classic Roller Coaster'
  • A distinct name
  • Adjective + Roller Coaster format everybody uses (white roller coaster, wooden roller coaster, etc.)
  • Describes the ride
  • Includes the current name
Ha! I saw that yesterday... for a minute, I assumed it was another LIF post... almost did a double-take when I saw who it was from. Wink
HA HA!!!  Laugh Laugh Laugh
They admitted to Flying Tigers today on Facebook!!

Can't Lagoon keep a secret anymore? Sarcasm
Cool, I'm looking forward to a new ride. I'm sure it will be great.
(05-03-2017, 12:20 PM)EdisonK Wrote: Cool, I'm looking forward to a new ride. I'm sure it will be great.

It's a nice family ride, for sure! Surprisingly roomy, even for larger adults.

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