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A VIP line for season pass holders wouldn't shorten the line. Tongue
(03-16-2017, 10:49 PM)Willenator Wrote: A VIP line for season pass holders wouldn't shorten the line. Tongue

Seriously, right?!

I didn't get a chance to reply earlier today, but I've always thought they should just let your Season Passport be an automatic flat 10-15% discount on food & merchandise, rather than try & do the ever-awkward, do-I-register-here-or-here Season Passport Club e-mail list with random discounts.

I don't mind the ride queues so much, but what I was thinking they should do for Season Passport holders is an exclusive "express" line for the food stands.  Sometimes the food stands get so overwhelmed during peak times lately, it'd be kinda nice to have a way to shorten the wait.  Or maybe even some exclusive Season Passport holder-only food stands?

Personally, I fall into the boat of enjoying the people watching when I'm there, if I get bored of rides.  Especially, I love just high-tailing it up to PV and enjoying the relative quiet up there.  Sometimes it's fun to just watch people get soaked by the waterfall on RSR.  Wink  So, for me, I'm not ever really wishing there was "more to do" in that sense.

One thing that HAS really bugged me the past few years as a Season Passport holder is that they keep doing Season Passport holder appreciation days, but they plan the friggin' things in the middle of work days when there's no way in hell to make it.  It kinda makes you feel like they really only appreciate their Season Passport holders who have summers off or who don't work.  Plan those stupid things on a Saturday or Sunday--or, crazy idea, have multi-day Season Passport appreciation weekends--so people have a better chance of being able to join in the events.

Might be kinda cool if you got cumulative rewards for purchasing Season Passports multiple years in a row.  For example, maybe you get a 2% discount for each consecutive year you renew your Season Passport, or maybe make it like airline miles clubs, where after having one for a few years you get a higher tier of in-park discounts/offers, cheaper Season Parking passes, etc.
Interesting ideas. Some exclusive benefits, tailored to their audience wouldn't be a bad idea.
I was thinking of things more along the lines of different events throughout the season. They actually used to do this kind of stuff a lot more like the car shows and limited time entertainment like that bird show, etc. I don't think it would have to be just for passport holders. I can't remember who brought it up once, but have a few days with some food trucks. There are more permanent things they could do for people who spend more time at the park like bringing back table service restaurants and stuff.
Totally second the sit-down restaurant idea. Getting rid of the Gaslight was one of the more disappointing things Lagoon has done in recent memory. Need a few places like that to get out of the heat, sit down, and take a break from the hustle of the midway.
I think making the park more universal on attractions is the way to go. Instead of ride after ride, add a sit-down restaurant and theater for more shows, maybe even get more variety of food. They started that off well with Swig, Beavertails, and Honolulu Hot Dogs, but why not authentic Mexican food? Or a Betos, Rancheritos, whichever name it is closest to you?

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My employer brings in a different food truck everyday for lunch so everyone has a variety each week of food options. Obviously, some food trucks are more popular so they come back more often. Seems like Lagoon could allow food trucks (maybe taking a percent of the profits). Waffle Love, Chinese, BBQ, Mexican, etc. They aren't permanent. They are self contained as far as power and water needs. They could probably find a designated spot on either North or South end of the midway.
^ I like that idea. Food Trucks would be awesome. Every Thursday in downtown is food truck Thursday and it has a different assortment come each week maybe lagoon could do something like that one day out the week kind if a thing.
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Food trucks would be great, especially since they always change for more variety. I'm sure lagoon could get a percentage of profits too, it's a win for everyone.
Maybe it was you that brought up the idea once, Greg. It could be a good draw for slower holiday weekends. They could park a few just inside the picnic staging gate back in the terraces. That would make it easy for them to get out if they needed to and there's all that space for people to sit and eat. Would also be cool to have them scattered around the Midway if they could find places that wouldn't conflict with heavy traffic areas or ride queues. Of course the parking lot would be good too.
I love all these ideas. I only go once a year, but this would make more people purchase them. When it comes to rides, there could be something like the X-Venture-Zone attractions. Food trucks would be great!

I personnaly don't see anyone getting bored with cannibal. That ride is frickin' sweet
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