Which Ride Would You Miss The LEAST ?
X-pensive Zone.

Definitely something that season pass holders taken advantage of more.
I'll admit, I've always been a sucker for Skycoaster. I may be mis-remembering, but I believe a substantial part of that ticket price is (or at least was) due to pricing by Sky Fun 1 (which, I know, no longer exists). I've been on Catapult before, but yeah... it's definitely not my first choice for X-Venture rides... if it were $10/ride, maybe, but not at $20.

Still though, I've clocked in a couple of hundred flights on Skycoasters in my day, and I still will gladly shell out $15 any time I walk by one when the line is short to go for a flight. It's kind of a drug for me. I'm kinda amazed how long the line gets for it lately with it still being $15/flyer, but frankly that's due to poor management of the ride. It physically hurts to watch how slow the operators are up there, and it ruins the experience. Only running one tower during the day is just plain crap. Man, back in the day when we still had to run the PAs and manually push the carts up & down the track, even then we could kick these current kids' butts up & down the flight line. Hell, I'm in my forties now, and I could still get out & out-hustle some of these teenagers running that ride.
It gets super slow and the line only gets longer at night. Still fun though.

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