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Found something interesting on Reddit:

[Image: HtZPftq.png]

Here is the link:
Speaking of, ever thought about /r/LagoonIsFun ?  When we were chatting about imzy the other day, it kinda made me think about why not.

Edit:  interesting, but incredibly unhelpful on the actual details front. Wink
Could be fun. I'm all about spreading the LIF goodness around. Happy
(08-24-2016, 10:04 PM)Willenator Wrote: Could be fun. I'm all about spreading the LIF goodness around. Happy

[Redacted joke]
...wait, core sample drilling? Custom ride? If that other rumor is true about two new kiddie rides, and at least one of them's custom... Lagoon wouldn't go to the trouble of building a custom flat ride, would they? And even if they did, you don't normally need to do core sample drilling for a flat ride, even a custom one I wouldn't think. Could it be a new family coaster's in the works?

I mean, the post on reddit could be complete crap, but... well, nuts. I take back my "lack of detail" scoff.
Lagoon's trend in the last 10 years has been to begin working on a new coaster well in advance of us actually knowing they are working on a coaster. I wouldn't be surprised if the core drilling is for their next roller coaster.
Could be. That said, I'm darn curious WHERE the core drilling is actually happening... if, of course, it really actually is.
Hm. A couple things...

Is it normal to find this kind of stuff on reddit? Surprised they haven't found the LIF forum!

Also, I definitely saw some kind of drilling in the north field on Monday.
This is the first time I have seen something like that on Reddit about Lagoon. They usually post links from our forum or Screamscape when discussing what Lagoon is doing.
North Field, eh? Interesting... that's exactly where there's lots of room for a large new ride, one that might require some big footings that you'd want to do some core drilling ahead of. I mean, of course, it could just be trying to find a new well too, but... huh, interesting.

Oh, and also, I did see a reply to one of the comments asking for more info on this, saying that the only rumor going around was that of a Log Flume expansion, so that person at least is clearly aware of us and/or watching us right now.

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