LIF Updates Question
Hi everyone! I have a quick survey I would like each of you to take regarding how you normally get updates to Lagoon Is Fun. It's a one-question survey, so it shouldn't take too long.

Thanks for your feedback!
That's a nice picture of PV on that page.
(03-08-2017, 11:08 AM)Brăden Wrote: That's a nice picture of PV on that page.

Thanks. It has become one of my favorites. I was testing the low light capabilities of my camera and was curious how it would turn out. It wasn't until I put it on my computer that I realized how good it actually turned out.
(03-08-2017, 11:08 AM)Brăden Wrote: That's a nice picture of PV on that page.


Definitely a nice shot at Twilight of the village. The perfect time to be in the village, in my opinion.
I will be taking responses for a few more days. If you haven't responded to my one-question survey yet, please do so now. It only takes a few seconds.
Did you put this out on Reddit and Facebook as well? (just in case those folks really don't ever get directly on

It will be interesting to see the results of your one question survey  Happy
I've pushed the survey question out through all my channels. Smile
[Image: updateresults.png]

The survey has ended. Thank you to everyone who responded! I realize after I closed the survey that I never added Google Plus to the selection, but I'm thinking it wouldn't have changed the results. Wink
Mmmm... tasty data. Thanks for sharing the results!
Thanks for sharing! That's really interesting. I thought Facebook would exceed the LIF site.

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