Lagoon News Holiday Season Pass Pricing
Here is the breakdown for Lagoon's 2017 season pass prices now that Black Friday has ended:

[Image: 304m8rQ.png]

Lagoon's holiday pricing is now in effect. Season passes are $105.95 per person. These prices will be good through January 6th then Lagoon will launch their regular pricing for 2017. Prices for people 65 and older will remain at $54.95 throughout 2017. A season parking pass is $55.

A couple of notes on the sale: Lagoon charges a $2 fee for each pass you purchase online, and the buy 4 or more and save deal is not in effect right now. The price is $105.95 per pass regardless of how many your purchase.

If you are curious what the prices may be starting on January 7th, Lagoon has increased the cost of season passes by $12 after the holiday sale the last few years in a row. Should Lagoon continue the pattern, season passes will probably be $117.95 for 1, 2, or 3 passes and $107.95 per pass for 4 or more. People who purchase 4 or more season passes at the Annex or the park in 2017 will probably pay the same as someone purchasing passes during the Holiday Sale with the $2 fee ($107.95). Of course, it is possible Lagoon increases season pass prices more than $12 this year. Regardless, the Holiday Sale is a good deal if you still need to pick up your season passes.

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