Lagoon News Frightmares Begins This Friday

The dark side of Lagoon is back, and it begins this Friday at 5pm! As mentioned here on the forum, Lagoon is introducing their 5th haunted house: Frightening Frisco located in the Pioneer Pavilion up by Rattlesnake Rapids. This is the first year Lagoon has put a haunted house in this location, so it will be interesting to see the new house. I'm excited for this location and look forward to it.

20 Years of Terror is returning with a tweaked name: Terrors of the Past. Other returning attractions include the Fun House of Fear, Zombie Lockdown, Nightwalk, Spook-A-Boo, and Scary & Crow's Straw Maze. Entertainment choices include two shows this year: Hackenslash Chainsaw Demonstration Team over on the Monster Stage in front of Game Time and Into the Dark at the Carousel Theatre. Windy the Witch will be back wandering Kiddieland and Pioneer Village. She will also be doing Story Time with Windy over by the Lagoon-A-Beach Entrance.

There is plenty for everyone in the entire family to enjoy this year. Frightmares runs for 7 weekends, and the schedule for most weekends is as follows:

Friday: 5pm to 11pm
Saturday: 11am to 11pm
Sunday: 11am to 8pm

The one exception to this is UEA weekend where Lagoon will be open the 20th and 21st from 11am to 11pm.
I think this will be a good year for Frightmares. Can't wait to check out Frightening Frisco.

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