[Wishful Thinking] Log Flume Expansion
(08-14-2016, 02:51 PM)RCF Wrote: I honestly am going with my theory of them replacing the Log Flume with a modern model. With all of the changes to Rattlesnake Rapids' Plaza, I think it isn't out of the question if they built a new flume that's expanded some and the entrance is moved to the Plaza.

I wouldn't think a dark ride would make sense yet with it being this far into the season with no other obvious construction. I still hold to the idea they might replace Dracula's Castle with a modern version inside the entire Game Time building.

If it's not a flume, I guess more rides in Kiddieland can't hurt. Why not go for the biggest kid section in the world?

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Hope and agree with the log flume remodel since they have thought about it in the past. Anybody have the project photos? Ive seen them somewhere...
You mean this? http://lagoonhistory.com/project/attract...log-flume/
YES!!! Thank you

Anyone want to get us started with a change.org petition? Smile In all seriousness, this upgrade would be phenomenal.
I would love to see an upgraded Log Flume. I'm sure most people would.

If we get kiddie rides in 2017 (and it's probably inevitable) I hope they get a Zamperla Demolition Derby.
It noticeably doesn't go higher. I just went yesterday and saw that it wasn't going as high as it used to. Might just be the age finally taking it's toll on the ride. I bet it could be maintenanced in the off season to rise back up to the top.

On the other side, on my visit I noticed two distinct clearings that make me believe that the Log Flume remake will be happening. One, it's been completely cleared out from the RSR Plaza toward the entrance of Log Flume. I could see straight through to the other side with no issues. Another thing to point out is that along the west side of the Pavilion, it seems to be cleared out as well, which is just a small path for a film to go through. As it could be cleared out for the new Frightmares walk-through (debatable,) I think that's enough to figure that a new Log Flume could be in the works for at least 2018, if not 2017. I didn't get pictures because I didn't think of it at the time.

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How could you not get pictures?! I'm so disappointed in you. Happy Tongue
If you're talking about the space north of Log Flume that is nothing new. What was left of the old PVRR tracks west of the pavilion were torn out in the spring, but they have been slowly removing sections for a long time - I assume so they can be used to replace track on WK.

But the space for an expansion is definitely there and I'm sure they are still considering it.
Is this the work being done around Log Flume that we are talking about or another spot?

[Image: 5Wv7xdQl.jpg]
Is that picture from today, Will? If so... it's been like that since last time I was in PV, which was back in mid-July. Part of the overhaul of the Old Mill/Log Flume pavillion... always assumed with the sprinkler lines in there it was just going to be a planter, but kinda surprised nothing's gone in yet. Then again, it isn't exactly the greatest time of the year to be planting new stuff in Utah, so I'm guessing they're waiting for stuff to go dormant in a month or two. If only we knew somebody with connections to landscaping we could ask...

I'm guessing Braden & RCF are talking about something different up north of Flume, but I haven't been there in awhile to check it out.
Yes, that is from today. I was trying to figure out what RCF was talking about, and that was the only thing I saw that looked different to me.

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