2016 Frightmares
I like the scare zone. It needs improvement, but I feel like Lagoon keeps pushing things in the right direction.
I like scare zone because it is out in the open. I don't think it will be as cool in an enclosed building.
I've always enjoyed the outdoor stuff. I liked the junk yard. I like the scare zone. There is just something about being able to walk into an area where there is haunted stuff and scare actors without having to wait in line and move through rooms.
I loved the junkyard, but I was never able to go on it a lot because no one else in my group wanted to, they just wanted to go on ride or the indoor houses.
That's too bad. I would go through it over and over again.
Did anyone else notice how the pavilion for Zombie Lockdown isn't closed off for setting it up yet? Could this mean the end of the walk through?

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Are all the others already closed off?
Yup. Fun House of Fear and whatever is coming in the side of it is closed off, Nightwalker has all of it's walls, and the Pavilion in PV is closed off and walled as well. Besides the outdoor Scare Zone and the two kid walk through places, it's the only other one with no sign of any Frightmares preparation.

I say good riddance. Hopefully it will open up for a better haunt in the same location next season. The prisoner riot is was at first was atrocious, and the Zombie re-theme didn't help it in my opinion. With the other indoor walk-through's they had when I went in 2014, (and from reviews the anniversary walk-through was a hit as well,) it was the poorest quality.

I just hope they bring Twisted Tales back in place of the 20 Years of Terror (namecheck) they had last year. It was the best themed walk-through they had in a long time in that location.

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I will be sad if there is no house in that location this year. I don't mind them changing it because it could use an update, but I was looking forward to five houses this year with the PV one.
They might just be preoccupied with the new one in PV. If they haven't started on it after they close this week, then my guess is there won't be one there.

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