14 May 2016 Pictures
I spent some time enjoying myself on Saturday with my new phone testing out the camera. I've been fairly impressed with it so far, and I thought it could pull off some very nice images at Lagoon. I was not disappointed. If you follow Lagoon Is Fun on any of the social networks, you may have already seen some of these, but this time I'll post the originals instead of the Instagram cropped ones! Enjoy!

[Image: AkOW1MA.jpg]
When my wife and I showed up, the parking lot was already full, so we ended up in the overflow area. This was a special treat for me because I haven't been on this side of Cannibal inside of Lagoon's property, so I got to snag some photos of the coaster from the waterfall angle. It's too bad you can't see this side of Cannibal inside of the park.

[Image: Ca82lJH.jpg]
Random midway shot.

[Image: ayQi1ET.jpg]
Work on Outrigger continues. Lagoon is also prepping Lagoon-A-Beach for its opening later this month!

[Image: yTFLxj7.jpg]

[Image: 620jSlB.jpg]
Found what is left of one of the trees that fell over during the massive wind storm.

[Image: mHeysVw.jpg]
This was a random image I snagged and only realized how awesome it looked hours later when I was looking at them. I didn't even noticed I got a Wicked train in the shot too!

[Image: bxxySLQ.jpg]
Lagoon's South midway.

[Image: JdRiUma.jpg]

[Image: QYNYEZS.jpg]
I was surprised they didn't remove more of the images from the history wall before adding what looks like a walk-in freezer or refrigerator to the side of the building. It's weird seeing the pictures behind the equipment.

[Image: qb4k8dj.jpg]
Yes, I got another image of this part of Cannibal while sitting at the tables. I just love watching this coaster.

[Image: UnLfd3N.jpg]
Snagged a photo of the old loading and unloading area of the PV Railroad and was reliving some memories.

[Image: CBI5aej.jpg]
Work on the new terrace in PV is coming along nicely.

[Image: DcmSbKJ.jpg]
This is where my camera started to impress me. I've always wanted to take some low-light shots and night shots at Lagoon, but I've never had a decent camera to do it with. Now I do!

[Image: 9kxrq7x.jpg]

[Image: 4qpIaVF.jpg]
I took this photo and only realized later on that there was an empty train on the lift. The lights were bright enough I didn't see the train, but my camera picked it up. The ride was closed when I took the photo. Maintenance was removing the red train.

[Image: bWr1iAb.jpg]

[Image: PunOvRN.jpg]

[Image: qx5AEqz.jpg]

[Image: encPT6s.jpg]

[Image: kMB6bKl.jpg]

[Image: Alk5ENh.jpg]

[Image: bw7YkG4.jpg]

[Image: wa8Z2QW.jpg]
I really liked how this one turned out.

[Image: KZUPbEO.jpg]
I had to end the night with a night shot of Cannibal before I hopped in my car. Easily one of my favorite photos I've taken in a long time.

Hope you enjoyed the images! If you have any favorites, let me know! I hope to snag quite a few photos this year both during the day and at night with my new camera. Smile
Great photos! Will reply more when not fighting the sleep clock, but two quickies:

1) Dude, that shot of the back of the Station in PV is heartbreaking. Brings back so many memories. Not finding a way to bring back PVRR is probably about the only thing I've ever actually been disappointed in Lagoon over.

2) Still reserving a little judgement on the new Log Flume/Old Mill terrace, but I'm discouraged to see it be such a big, towering structure. One of the things that I loved about the old lathe terrace before was that it still afforded a great view of Log Flume splashdown area from the south side; by the looks of that big steel frame, that view seems like it's endangered at least. Hopefully get down next weekend & see it in person.
Great shots, out of curiosity what's your new phone?
I agree. They are awesome photos.
The phone is a Nexus 5x

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