Rockwell Amusement Park
Welcome to the thread about a project I have undertaken. It is a not yet real but maybe someday amusement park of mine. Rockwell Amusement Park (Logo coming soon) is based in Utah and is has a theme of being in the late 1800's Utah. Rockwell Amusement Park is named after Orrin Porter Rockwell protector of the Prophet Joseph Smith and later Brigham Young. He was called many things but one of my personal favorite nicknames was The Destroying Angel. If you want to study a really cool guy, Porter Rockwell is a a very interesting person. The park is very early in its stages.

These pictures are of the new OutLaw Roller Coaster going into the park. Please Enjoy.



This video is of the first coaster built at the park.

More to come!
Looks interesting.

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