KUTV Viewer Appreciation Days at Lagoon!
What kind of crowds can we expect on Friday evening, entering the park around 5 PM?
My step kids went yesterday with their dad and they said it was insane. They only went on 3 rides. I'm thinking Friday will be way busy.

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They had overflow pretty full before 1pm...on a Monday!
Checked the web cam / doesn't look too bad right now?

I really wish they had a parking lot cam so we'd know to avoid the park!

(08-17-2015, 05:26 PM)gregwibert Wrote: I really wish they had a parking lot cam so we'd know to avoid the park!
Was just thinking that this afternoon!  Nice aerial view of all the lots, give you a good idea of how busy the park is.  That, or a live-updating map of occupied parking spaces.  In fact, if that could be an app, it'd be even better.  Can't tell you how many times I've thought "yeah, this is as close as I'll get" only to walk past 10 open spots closer to the gates that I couldn't see. Wink 
Guess this is as close as it gets..

The crowds never look too bad around the fountain because it's usually only busy there at opening and closing. Which makes sense for Lagoon, because they would rather have the place packed than have people avoiding the crowds.

Anybody remember when they had a webcam on the South Midway?

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