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(08-03-2015, 05:05 PM)Cannibal Crazy Wrote: I think I've only been on it once a couple years ago and it was nothing special. I say get rid of it. Wouldn't be surprised if this was its last year. I swear whenever I look at it all I see is the employees sending rafts up. Do they send them down even if no one is on them?

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Only if they throw them! Seriously, it's hard enough to get rafts to go down WITH riders... With nobody in one, doubt it'd get around one corner.

I actually see a pretty good flow of riders on there any time I walk by, so I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon, unless there's some horrible heretofore-unmentioned mechanical issue with it. Clearly not everybody's favorite ride (myself included), but it's really the only splash zone thing up at the north end (next closest being OdySea), so I'm sure it fills a niche up there.
I've ridden it exactly once. The day my kids and I grabbed a park map, a pen, and tried to ride every single ride in the park that we were the right size for. I think we came close to getting them all.
I have ruined two leather wallets and a belt on that ride. My wife loves it for the hot days, but I can't stand it.

I would shed no tears if it disappeared with nothing to replace it even.

So does anybody know why Hydro-Luge and water slides don't have to be ADA compliant (other than the fact that the ramp would be ridiculously long)?
(08-12-2015, 06:45 PM)Brădēn Wrote: So does anybody know why Hydro-Luge and water slides don't have to be ADA compliant (other than the fact that the ramp would be ridiculously long)?
Apparently, the ADA excludes diving boards and access to the top of water slides; it does mandate an accessible route to the catch pool at the bottom, but there's no requirement that water slides themselves be accessible.  I'm guessing Hydro falls into the same category of a water slide, so that'd be my guess as to why.

(See 203.11 in http://www.ada.gov/regs2010/2010ADAStand...Id-1010074)

P.S. --
It occurred to me after posting that you were possibly asking about the background behind why the ADA excludes those facilities, in which case... mea culpa!  Unfortunately, I don't know, and no amount of Googling seems to dig up an answer.  If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say it might have something to do with the fact that water slides (and Hydro) may be too difficult for some guests to maintain a safe ride posture (given the lack of restraints common on other rides).  Other thoughts include limited traction on elevated surfaces that may be difficult for some devices to cope with, and the fact that if you were there solo, you'd have no way to retrieve your equipment after riding the slide (minus an employee retrieving it for you).  Again, those are all just spitball thoughts... now I'm kinda curious to find out if there's an official background on that exclusion somewhere.
Interesting. Never even thought about the posture thing. Having restraints definitely makes a difference.

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