Cedar Point 2016 Teaser?
[Image: hSAYVze]

(If the image doesn't show up here is the link: http://imgur.com/hSAYVze)

I'm sure Linerinduction already knows all about what Cedar Point is putting in for 2016 and beyond but

I thought this picture was cool and maybe a hint at what they are putting in next year.

Rumors are that CP is adding a B&M Dive Machine next year, only rumor but land has been cleared and construction walls have gone up. On the above picture there is a coaster track of a coaster not at Cedar Point and has a resemblance to a Dive Machine so maybe a hint or a clever way of just throwing people off of the trail.

What ever they do I am sure it will be awesome. Might be time to make a trip out there again.

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