08-03 Photo Update
I went to Lagoon yesterday and brought along my camera to take a few pictures.

I'll start off this update with a brand new addition to Lagoon, the Pine Terrace.

The new Pine Terrace is located just east of the redone Maple Terrace.

This is the new Maple Terrace, it's pretty nice now. There's imprints of leaves (I'm guessing Maple leaves) in the cement at the entrance to the Maple and Pine Terraces.

Picnic tables L1-L6 have been removed from the West side of the Maple Terrace now.

This was just a random picture I took of Spider on top of the lift on Colossus, but now I realized there's actually some stuff in there wroth talking about.

You can see the building that holds the cars for Spider when they're not is use, I think that was built this year. Then also there are those cranes off to the left, along with what looks like a power box. Have those always been there?

I took a picture on Colossus while we were going around the second loop and this is what came out.

I really like this year's landscaping, it's really nice. I heard from an employee that they have to be at the park at 2 AM and don't leave till around noon.

One last picture that isn't of the 2007 construction. It's of The Rocket. I just thought it was a cool picture from the Sky Ride.

Walking to the entrance from the drop off area you can see the crane, and what looks like a vertical support it's putting up.

From the exit of the Spider you can see it's actualy not a vertical support.

It's a machine thing they're using to push supports deep into the ground. I think the supports are for the station, but I'm not sure. Also, at least today, the worker crews didn't leave when the park opened. It wasn't till around 2 that they left.

I lied about The Rocket being the last picture not of the 2007 construction. This was just sort of a cool shot from the exit of Spider I decided to take of the Roller Coaster.

Here's another picture of the crane, taken from the top of Colossus.

Here's a picture of some tube stuff that I'm guessing is for plumbing, it doesn't look like supports. I'm starting to wonder what all of this new pumbing is for. Maybe South Midway will be getting a fountain too, or maybe the new coaster will have some water effects.

One last picture for the update. It's of the new Music Theatre show. Sorry for the bad quality.

Mike 8)
Good photos Mike.
what you are seeing are the beginning of footers if you look all around you can see orange marks, this is where these are being placed. due to lagoon being built on a marsh, you have to go deep to find sturdy ground for support, and...wala...long rusty pipes!
Quote:Then also there are those cranes off to the left, along with what looks like a power box. Have those always been there?

The "cranes" that you mention (JLG's) were put there last year or the year before.
If they are already putting in the foundation for the footers and they haven't torn out the concrete in the parking lot it sounds like it might have a parking lot theme
I think they are tearing up the parking lot. You can see in the third to last picture, that there is a part of the parking lot torn up and some weeds are growing out of it.

Mike 8)
Maybe removing the parking lot is what there doing next.
Voovegas Wrote:
There are a lot of orange marks on the ground which mean lots of footers which leads me to believe (unfortunately) that the parking lot will stay under the new coaster.

A parking lot under the rollercoaster? I've never heard of such a thing, any links to pics of this type of coaster?

What is all that gravel for inbetween the fenced area and the campground?
One of my life time goals is to visit every amusement park world wide (or atleast nation wide) and ride every roller coaster.

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