RESOLVED: Unable to Log Out
Hey all-

I've just come across a bug created by the software upgrade for the forum. Please read and follow the instructions below if you are affected by this issue.

Forum users will not be able to log out when clicking the "log out" button in the user menu bar. This affects users who were set to be permanently logged in before the forum was upgraded (those who checked "remember me" in the login menu).

Root Cause:
This bug is due to the "logout key" which MyBB generates when a forum user logs in. This enables MyBB to verify that it is the user who is attempting to log out, rather than a malicious script. This key is stored in the cookie (temporary file) for the website on the user's computer. After the software upgrade, this key will no longer match the user's browsing session for some users, rendering the Log Out button unusable.

Users will need to clear their cache and cookies in order to generate a new key. Please note that doing this will force you to log back in to the forum. On browsers that support site-specific temporary data deletion, you will only need to delete data for Please refer to the help section of your browser for more information on how to do this. Most of the time, you can clear browsing data from your preferences/settings menu.

Thanks everyone- please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Follow this link to submit a new bug report:

Follow this link to view current known issues and their status:

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