Lagoon News Season Passport Prices Go Up In January
If you haven't purchased your Lagoon season passes yet, you need to do so now before the next price increase. Lagoon's holiday pricing for season passes will be ending soon. Prices go up on January 8th!

The current price for a season pass is $97.95 + tax per person regardless of how many you buy.

On January 8th, the price for a season pass will be:
$109.95 + tax per person
$99.95 + tax per person when you buy 4 or more

You may buy your passes online at

One thing that we've overlooked is the holiday pricing for a single-day pass. If you don't plan to go to Lagoon more than once or twice, you may purchase a single-day pass for the price of $37.50 plus tax. This is also a very good deal and that price ends the on January 7th too.
I didn't realize they did discounted single day passes. I don't think they advertised those at all. Have they done that before? It's a good deal.
I don't know if they've done that in the past. I just noticed the single-day pass pricing recently. Not sure why I missed it earlier.
I never purchase single day passes / haven't ever noticed it either.

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