Lagoon Coaster 5K
I've been thinking of doing a Coaster 5K at Lagoon. I'm sure it's been done other places, but I thought it might be fun for an LIF meetup or something. First, I'm trying to figure out the track lengths and I have a few questions...

-Does the track length for Puff (197.5ft) considering the fact that it circles three times? Because that seems longer than just the track itself.
-Is Wicked really 2,000 feet long? That's what the park's press kit says and I don't see one listed on LIF.
-How long is Roller Coaster, really? The press kit says 2,500 and LIF says 3,598 (should it be 2,5980?
-Would anyone want to join in on this? I've got other ideas too.
Sounds like fun to me...
Roller Coaster is 2500 feet in track length
Wicked is 2050 feet in track length
Dragon is 2850 in track length
Jet Star is 1919 feet in track length
Bat is 1122 feet in track length
Bombora is 1000 feet in track length
Spider is 1391 in length
Mouse is 1213 in length

Puff I'm sure that figure is one loop. Track length is measured in actual length not in the number of loops taken. So 197 would be accurate.

Sounds like an interesting idea.
Thanks. Going by those numbers, riding all of the coasters would total 14,636 feet. We could throw in an extra ride on Jet Star 2 and it would be a little over 5 kilometers.

Now we just need people to throw water cups at us and a finish line. Haha! Should we do this at the next meetup (August 11) or see who's interested first and then plan a day? Spectators are welcome and there would be no obligation to ride all the rides.

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