Lagoon in Minecraft
Hello everyone, I know I have been posting a lot of threads.... But this one is the best one yet! Me and my friend are re-creating Lagoon park in the computer game Minecraft! Here are some pictures of the park so far, and the park details are after the pictures, enjoy!





Lagoon Minecraft has just been started, and we will be sharing our progress with you guys! Lagoon Minecraft will open in phases starting with phase 1 releasing in early 2015. Phase 1 will include Buildings, most rides, and most trees and plants. Please note, not all lands and rides will be open until phase 3. We hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do, when we open!
Interesting. I never thought of trying to recreate Lagoon in Minecraft.
Could I maybe help? I play Minecraft nearly every day and I have Lagoon's layout pretty much memorized. Wink
How many Minecraft players do we have on the forum?

I'm one. Add TravMan and Emily to that and we have at least three.

And now that I know this. I think it's time to add some Minecraft emoticons! Creeper
Hello everyone, sorry for taking so long to respond and update you guys. We are currently working on backstage stuff (server plugins, lighting, etc...) so no pictures in this update! Thanks for your interest in helping us Emily, we currently don't need help in the server at this time, but we will later on and would love help at that point in time. If you would like to help, we could always use pictures from Lagoon! We have also decided on a temporary name for the server, LagoonCraft. Until next time! Smile
Saw this on Instagram and had to share:

[Image: tumblr_n8lurvvOAu1totmepo1_500_zps82427dad.jpg]
(07-15-2014, 06:11 PM)Velcro Wrote: Saw this on Instagram and had to share:

[Image: tumblr_n8lurvvOAu1totmepo1_500_zps82427dad.jpg]

That's awesome!!!
LagoonCraft Update #3

We have found some awesome plugins that will really enhance the experience you have at LagoonCraft! Of course we will add tons more plugins to really make it even better than Lagoon! Here are some pictures, with more updates after the pictures!



We are currently planning on having a Halloween Event (Frightmares), a Christmas event, and a 4th of July firework show! We will be looking forward to our next update!

Have a great day!
Even better than Lagoon? I gotta see this

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