Update Photos and Videos Please

Ha, Will, come on! If that were your true concern, then I think you would have stayed interested in the original conversation in order to help keep yourself from feeling that way. ;-)

LOL, Greg, thanks for the video! That's kind of cute. :-)

Still looking forward to Sid's response when he eventually gets to it.

Hehe, Brad or Brad N. or Braden (correct me), I've seen that one before. It's a cutie, ain't it? Those kitties might as well visit Lagoon A Beach! Happy

Hey, as long as we're off-topic and entertaining each other with the pet videos now while I wait for Sid to get back in town, how about these? You'll love this guy, Steve Cash! He has made many lovable pet videos (and some that even contain at least a little bit of hate, haha)!


Mike, have you seen this one? It was featured on http://www.ksl.com today:

This is a few months old but is funny! Some one should do a parody of it and include Lagoon.


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