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(03-13-2010, 09:23 PM)UtahDude Wrote: You can't quote from a locked topic, but Jordan thinks that my "shout box" thread is the same as this one. it is not really though because this is a thread for mods. to move posts. Tongue Do any of you think it is worth opening up again? Ok, I know this post is very random.[/align]

This topic has pretty much become a place to post whatever you want, so I would say this also qualifies as a shout box. Wink
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Yea, I have just always longed to have a mega thread though. Frown
(03-15-2010, 02:36 PM)linearinduction Wrote:
(03-15-2010, 12:24 PM)Racecarlock Wrote: My point is that wicked needs a ride operator that understands the computer on at all times so the people in line don't have to wait for someone to come from across the park or all the way from his home just to fix that error.
Wicked and Most Coasters and Rides built since the mid '90s use a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Safety System. Lagoon's Electricians and Maintenance Personnel have been Trained by the Manufacturer on how to Properly Maintain the Ride and Fix Problems. I also don't believe there is Significant Down Time on Wicked on a Day to Day Basis. Smile The only problem I've seen at Wicked related to any control system is that the Ride Diagnostic Display (Allen-Bradley Panelview) runs on.........WINDOWS XP!


As a Note, Lagoon has actually Built PLC Safety Systems for Roller Coaster (2001) and Fire Dragon (2008). Smile
^ Did you know that emoticon comes from a video talking about how bad Macs are? Smile
Hey check out Lagoon! It's an actual up to date photo of the world!


Bing.com beats google maps anyday.
Lagoon is ruled by lunchtimespacedragons of farming utahn's from the late 1800's.
Hm, that link didn't do anything for me other than take me to Bing Maps and show me the United States.

I'm not sure what you are seeing, but when I look at Lagoon using Bing Maps, I see Wicked under construction. Wink
Google pwns.
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everyone, bing and google are owned by the same company. Wink
/\ And Bill Gates created the iPod? Wink

Congratulations, you fail.
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Steve Wozniak rules Microsoft, Apple, and the Internet secretly.

The Wizard of Woz knows all. Devil
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Well, it's more updated better than google maps.
Lagoon is ruled by lunchtimespacedragons of farming utahn's from the late 1800's.

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