Theme Park Studio
RCT 2 was the top end all best amusement park simulator ever, never to be beaten.Notserious It was good and is the best out there still. If someone could make a game like RCT 2 but make it more customizable then maybe they'd have something.

I like NL and I am excited for NL2.0. I like creating the ride, the park aspect eh?
Looks fun! I could spend the entire winter / off season building my own park! Smile
Looks like what'd happen if NL and RCT had a baby. I hope there's a way to design rides without having to design the entire train though.
I forgot about this thread. Here is the latest video:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (If for nothing else, the sake of conversation) Theme Park Studio just does not look appealing.

Everybody looking for a high-end program will see it fall short of their expectations. Everybody that is looking for a casual game (similar to RCT) will be chased away by its poor UI.

They're going to end up shutting out a ton of people because of how open-ended they're making the editor. Maybe with time (or in a version .2) they'll realize how awful their editor approach is and release something that is more intuitive than what they are exhibiting right now.

I honestly don't know what group they're targeting, but they're missing the mark for the two biggest interest groups in the Amusement Park fanbase.
Has anyone here purchased the early access version of the game? I kind of forgot about this one, but decided to look it up again after seeing the Parkitect stuff to see how they were doing. You can get the game on Steam right now and start playing as they continue to develop it. I'm still not sure if I want to give it a try or not, so I'm looking for people who have tried it.
I backed it on Kickstarter last year, so I have the current Early Access version. It's still VERY early. No sound. You can barely build roller coasters. It's not easy and missing a ton, but it is a lot easier than NoLimits. You can't even have corkscrews that turn to the right. Same with loops.

The potential is there, but I would not advise buying it in its current state. I'll continually come in here with updates as they come, telling people what's new and if it's worth getting eventually. The best part about it right now is being able to download rides other people have created, like the HUSS Rainbow.
Okay, thanks for letting me know!
They've updated it several times since I last checked in, and it's still just... okay. Like, you can make things but it's very hard to recommend it over NoLimits. And especially now that NoLimits allows scripted rides. Enthusiasts are going to go with NoLimits over this, and it's still too daunting for casuals. I don't see where TPS fits in.

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