2012/2013 Off Season Construction Projects
This Thread is for the Discussion of all off season projects Lagoon is working on for the 2013 Season.

Known Projects -
2014 Roller Coaster Project Construction
Fire Dragon Refurbishment (Repaint & New LED Lighting)
Wild Mouse repaint
Rock-O-Plane repaint
Roller Coaster Footing and Bent Replacement

This Post will be updated as needed.
Last Update: 11/28/2012

I just received a report that Lagoon is erecting a tower on or near the old Top Eliminator site. I have not seen this tower myself, but I am curious if anyone has gotten any pictures of this yet.

I saw a couple of cranes in the area on the Saturday of the potluck, and I got a couple of pictures, but I cannot find my camera to share them with you all. Speaking of which, if someone found a camera at the terrace during or after the potluck, will you let me know.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to start discussing, speculating, and dreaming about what might be going on. Feel free to share your thoughts. I have no information on whether this is connected to a possible new ride in 2013 or if Lagoon is just doing some upgrades in the area.
I did snap a photo of what looked to be something they were going to constuct there. If it is the tower being reported, then I guess I got a photo of it on site last Sunday. I don't believe it is for a ride from what the structure was. Maybe for a building perhaps. I have no clue how to exactly post a photo here with a mobile phone pic[/code][/quote]ture. If anyone can help me with that, it would be appreciated.
It depends on the type of phone you have. With a smartphone, you can just install an app for a photo sharing site like Photobucket and upload the photo to site like that. Then you simply snag the location link and post it on here. If it's not a smartphone, you can forward the picture to an email account then save the picture to your computer. After that, just upload it as an attachment to your post or upload it to a photo sharing site then put it in the post. There are a number of ways to do it. It all depends on what method you are willing to use. Smile
Usually, with smartphones and regulars cell phones, if you can text a picture message, you should be able to just send it to your email address. That's what I always used to do.
I found my camera! Here are the photos I took on the day of the Frightmares potluck. The first few photos I took before the park opened. As my wife and I drove around the corner on Lagoon drive, I noticed two things. 1. The berm was completely removed. 2. A couple of cranes were sitting in the area.

[Image: normal_DSCF3332_2000x1500.jpg]

Here is a better shot from the road:

[Image: normal_DSCF3334_2000x1500.jpg]

Once the park opened, I immediately made my wife over to the viewing area of Double Thunder Raceway to get a better look at what was going on:

[Image: normal_DSCF3339_2000x1500.jpg]

The yellow crane:

[Image: normal_DSCF3340_2000x1500.jpg]

A zoomed in shot of the same crane:

[Image: normal_DSCF3341_2000x1500.jpg]

The white crane in the area:

[Image: normal_DSCF3342_2000x1500.jpg]

I also noticed a flatbed with stuff on it:

[Image: normal_DSCF3343_2000x1500.jpg]

And a closer look at the flatbed:

[Image: normal_DSCF3344_2000x1500.jpg]

These pictures were taken before I heard about the tower appearing in that same area. I'm beginning to wonder if the stuff on the flatbed is the tower people are now seeing. Who knows. I planned to drive over by Lagoon today and take a look, but I never made it out there. Hopefully RCF will be able to get his photo up soon.
What you saw was the crane to drive piles for footings for the 2014 coaster. This thread should probably be renamed the "2014 Roller Coaster Construction Thread." Smile
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That is pretty much what I was talking about. Yours is definately much better quality then my photo and is much closer to it. That is why I don't seeing these as being part of the coaster itself, if that is the unbuilt tower of some sort.
Yeah the on the flat bed is the tower parts. Now what is it? Maybe an s&s sonic boom? Lol
That's a sizeable crane right there.
I didn't have a chance to take pictures. But today. All around the tower being erected there is a lot of work with other beams in the ground. Looks like a station building to me. But haven't fit the tower part into it yet.

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