Today deserves a double dose of photos! Here is another set:

Photo by Cam Evans

Photo by Janzy Crosby

Photo by Ariana Olvera

Photo by Eva Chavez

Photo by christopherstephenson

Photo by christopherstephenson

Photo by Vanessa Medina

Photo by Trey Obey Hugues

Photo by Shelisa
3 out of 3 people approve of Wicked:

Photo by erinboyle

I've always wondered what size this shoe is:

Photo by lagoonpark

Photo by Lily Freeman

Photo by Michelle Lee

Photo by Tiandra Braun

Photo by erinboyle

Photo by odie_311

Photo by rosawillcox

Photo by Chanon Homdee
(07-12-2012, 06:29 PM)Velcro Wrote:
Photo by Chanon Homdee

Hey! The finally put the flags back up on Colossus. When did that happen?

Photo by scottybonez

Wondertwin powers unite!

Photo by mattboliver

Photo by carlyb2010

Photo by Wesley Warr
Today's Instagram photo update will be split up because I found about 21 photos on Instagram that I really liked and wanted to share, so I am going to do three posts with seven photos each. I am also going to add something new to the update and include the comment with the photo if the user included one. The comment will follow the picture. Enjoy!

This first update features photos that were taken about a year ago. I'm not sure why they showed up on my recent feeds today, but I decided to share anyway.

Photo by Anntarra

Photo by Anntarra

Anntarra Wrote:Batnana!

Photo by Anntarra

Anntarra Wrote:I Heart rollercoasters!

Photo by Anntarra

Photo by Anntarra

This photo is for you Ian:

Photo by Anntarra

Photo by Anntarra

Anntarra Wrote:love the patterns & colors!

Photo by Anntarra

Photo by Anntarra
Anntarra Wrote:Leftover from school days.

Photo by Beth Rodgers Adams
Beth Rodgers Adams Wrote:Rain Storm at #Lagoon

Photo by Brock Anderson
Brock Anderson Wrote:Looping state of mind. #thefield #hash #lagoon #slc #instautah #igutah #utahgram

Photo by Łorena Boo
Łorena Boo Wrote:Wheel Of Fortune At #Lagoon I Think Its Called Sky Ridder, I'm Not Too Sure Though, But Isn't It Just So Beautiful At Night?

Photo by Steve P Photographer

Photo by Abby Rose
Abby Rose Wrote:Day 12: something i love #lagoon

Photo by tori_miller
tori_miller Wrote:Going up.

Photo by Anntarra

Photo by Kristen Reeves

Photo by Carli
Carli Wrote:We survived the white roller coaster of death.

Photo by Elizabeth Pinzon
Elizabeth Wrote:Colasal Anyone????

Photo by Michelle Lee
Michelle Wrote:This is how we do #lagoon

Photo by Sydney Neff
Sydney Wrote:Up in the air

Photo by Mike Schoneman

Photo by Stache-Lyn Ü

Photo by ivymsales

ivymsales Wrote:View from the driver's seat, in the pit at #lagoon #doublethunder #raceway

Photo by Sheyla

Photo by munnyed

Photo by allie_lucero
allie_lucero Wrote:I love getting the front of the roller coaster!

Photo by rolyatleoj
rolyatleoj Wrote:“Consulting the rules of composition before taking a photograph, is like consulting the laws of gravity before going for a walk.” - Edward Weston

Photo by mo_snow801

mo_snow801 Wrote:The classic White Roller Coaster.

Photo by Mason Foltz

Photo by Allie Mortensen

Allie Wrote:Guess where I am going tomorrow?? Happy

Photo by happiness

Photo by Ash Kirch

Ash Wrote:Ruthless driver

Photo by Dakota Staley

Dakota Wrote:we love #lagoon
Photo by brittany knight

Photo by Braydee Burbank

Braydee Wrote:Random late night trip to Lagoon Smile

Photo by Orlando Pantoja

Orlando Wrote:Lagoon ! Smile we love to win stuff (;

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