Ducky's Cedar Point PTR (coming next week)
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So next week I'll be heading out to good old Ohio to hit Cedar Point! And as an added bonus, we're visiting some relatives in Minnesota so we'll be visiting Mall of America as well.

Any last minute trip tips or photo requests before I head out? I've got three full days there: Tuesday through Thursday, I believe. Smile
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Valleyfair took me about 4 hours to do everything if you want to squeeze that in. Looking forward! Don't skip out on all the flat rides at MoA either.
Looking forward to it!
Posting from Sandcastle Suites at CP, pretty psyched for the next few days.

Unfortunately, I can't get connect to the hotel's internet (using my dad's cell phone as a hotspot currently...not suitable for uploading a PTR), so the trip report might be delayed a bit if I can't get it to connect.
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That's okay. As long as you upload your pics before Sid uploads his from Cedar Point, which is very likely since we have been waiting for Sid for a few years now. Happy
(06-18-2012, 10:36 PM)Velcro Wrote: That's okay. As long as you upload your pics before Sid uploads his from Cedar Point, which is very likely since we have been waiting for Sid for a few years now. Happy

I am still in suspence waiting for part 2. Its like a soap opera that cancelled after the first episode because of funding.

Cedar Point was pretty much fantastic. The park is kept very clean, the employees are nice and energetic, and the coasters there speak for themselves.

First off, the park is HUGE. It’s about a mile walk from the entrance to Mean Streak. I don’t really like the layout either; most of the park lays in a giant oval with no throughway. Luckily, the train helps you to get around. I’d also recommend staying on the park, because it’s really, really nice to go back to your room for a few hours and nap and then hit the park again at dusk all recharged. I stayed at Sandcastle Suites, which worked out pretty well.

You can probably do most of the park in two days, but I’m glad we did three days because it allowed us to slow down and really enjoy the atmosphere of the park, and hit all our favorite rides again. It’s also difficult to plan around the weather, considering that at the slightest breeze a number of rides will completely shut down (Top Thrill Dragster is especially hard to plan around). We got pretty lucky; a huge storm rolled through on Monday and then it stayed pretty clear until Thursday night, just before closing.

Also, the park is the best at night. The lines are small, the rides are greased up and running well, and the temperature’s cooled down quite a bit. The park is also very lit up and lively at night.

Anyways, onto the photo section of the report. Instead of going chronologically of how I rode everything, I’m just going to do some general photos and then do it ride by ride; since we did a lot of re-rides and it got kinda confusing. But bear with me, because the photos will jump time and day a lot.

Alright, Cedar Point! (see what I did with the banner there?)

Wait, you’re telling me that’s not a ride?

Nothing phallic here.

This ferris wheel had some really nice lighting; I guess to offset the ugliness that is Disaster Transport.

Space Spiral was closed for all three days, but I did see them running it up and down a couple of times.

Here, have a Troika picture.

They still have a shooting gallery! It needs a bit of TLC, but it’s cool.

They have two Three Point Challenge’s here. That’s how big the park is! This one’s themed to the old west, so you can play basketball just like they did back then! Rolleyes

Elephant ears are delicious. It’s like if you took a churro and made it the shape of an elephant ear.

Unfortunately, this one did not make me turn into Tom Hanks.

Bit of a blurry shot, but they even lit up the trees in Frontier Town! The park really comes alive at the night.

What’s a Cedar Point trip without any rain? Luckily we were in the Toft’s ice cream shop when it hit, and everything was dried off by the time we were finished with our delicious icy treat.

Luminosity. We didn’t stop to watch it, but it’s pretty much lights, lasers, and fireworks set to popular music. Also, you can see the DJ dressed in some sort of funky Captain EO outfit on the right and a drummer performing on the left.

We hit this one first on our early entry for two of our days (we slept through our third day early entry, thanks to a fire alarm that went off at three in the morning), and then hit it a third time at dusk on our last day. It’s a very good ride; smooth, quick, and has excellent pace. It definitely needs new restraints like Inimidator 305’s, though, because it’s quite difficult to avoid banging your head into the restraint as you make quick transitions. This ride at dusk in the back seat was awesome.

Viewed from the train.

It’s size is really deceptive.

Raptor was also one of the early entry rides. It’s also very fun, has both some strong vertical G’s around the inversions (and that double helix!) as well as some unexpected airtime on a couple of the dips. Kept very even pace as well. But if I had to compare it to Montu at BGT, I would probably give the edge to Montu, if only for its theming and underground tunnels. A definite must for CP though!

Coming out of a corkscrew. Also: I took this photo a second late.

The same corkscrew…but from a DIFFERENT ANGLE! Shocked

I should really give up on this whole photo business. To be fair, this was taken at 12x zoom from Maxair's queue.

Cedar Point & Lake Erie Rail Road
Good ol’ CPLERR. Nice transportation, and it actually has some cool animatronic scenes on the route from Frontier Town to Celebration Plaza. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but you definitely have to ride the train to get around!

"Welcome to Boneville" a sign reads before this themed part. That sounds like some sort of bad porno. Or an ancient lake.

Boneville citizens are good at making wood. Okay, I'm done. I promise. Tongue

It wasn’t on for some reason when I took the photo, but there’s fires lit in the windows. Again, very good theming.

This one’s for you, Sid! Heart

On the train’s other leg you get some water, I guess.

Ooh, and Millennium Force’s cable drives!

Test dummies were the highlight of this trip.

Millennium Force
Definitely one of the best coasters I’ve ever ridden. The first drop is amazing, and the forces at the bottom of the first hill were high enough that I began to get tunnel vision. The ride is best at night in the far back, but keep your mouth shut if you’re riding it then (lots of bugs).

Passes by and gives a gust of wind to the hot and weary people waiting in line, how considerate!

It’s kind of tall; pictures don’t do it justice (especially this one). Although everything in the park kinda gets dwarfed by Top Thrill Dragster.

Iron Dragon
Iron Draggin’ is a tame family coaster, so there’s not much to say about it. Its fun I guess. I haven’t ridden any other suspended coasters to compare it with, but this coaster could use a bit more swinging to it, it wasn’t too different from being on rails.

From Mantis’ queue line.

Magnum was one of my favorites and we rode it three times. The airtime on the second half is unbeatable.

Gemini was quite a fun one, and a big hit with my mom. While not terribly thrilling, it’s fun to race the other train close enough touch hands and scream at each other. This is actually a ride that you should ride during peak hours, because they only run both sides when there are enough people.

Shoot the Rapids
Besides its dumb name, this was probably the best water ride here. Had some decent theming and good drops, and doesn’t get you completely soaking wet. Although I really question the design of having the big drop first with a little splash and then having a smaller drop last with the big finale splashdown.

Wicked Twister
I didn’t really get any photos of this one, although I guess you can see it poking through in a couple of other photos. It's a fun smaller coaster, but nothing super fantastic about it. Has some good airtime at the top of the towers and the twisting adds a nice spin to it (zing!). Worth a ride.

Disaster Transport
Or if you prefer, DISpatch mASTER Transport. It’s okay. It was nice to have an indoors coaster for once, considering we planned our trip around the Summer Equinox (hottest days of the year). It’s clearly aged, and having a bobsled in pitch black kinda defeats the purpose of having a bobsled coaster anyway. I could barely tell that we weren’t attached to a track. I can tell why it’s being removed next year, but I guess it was nice to ride it once.

Thunder Canyon
No photos of this one, but it wasn’t too unique. Pretty standard raft ride. It was a bit smaller than Rattlesnake Rapids, and wasn’t themed quite as well. Did get us quite wet though, and they did a nice job of secluding the ride from the surrounding area.

Top Thrill Dragster
I absolutely love this one. It was the longest wait we had (clocking in at about 30 minutes), but it was definitely worth the wait for those 17 seconds of pure adrenaline. There’s really nothing like it (well, except all those other Intamin accelerator coasters…). I love only having a lap bar while getting ejector air soaring over the top and screaming down. The launch is probably my favorite part of the ride; it’s so intense.

Rounding the top, at dusk. With a bit of editing, this'd be a really good photo, what with the silhouettes and whatnot.

Terrible photo, but it has some intimidating lighting at night.

Nice little Arrow. The corkscrews were pretty fun. Very photogenic.

Going over the air hill.

Cool lighting on the corkscrews.

Windseeker was closed for the first day we were there, due to a slight breeze. We did get to ride it the second day, and it was pretty cool. I can see why they closed it, as it was very windy even on a very clear day. Nice view of the park when it is open though.


Like pretty much everything at Cedar Point, it has great lighting at night.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Good family coaster I guess, has some nice theming. Looks nice from the train. Worth riding once.

Blue Streak
This coaster reminded me quite a bit of Lagoon’s Roller Coaster. Just a bit more ejector air, and actually kept up with painting.

Mean Streak
Even with the maintenance this season, it was very rough. And now with the added trims, it’s just boring and painful. The first drop is especially bad, it feels like it’s trimmed for quite a bit of the drop. Then the rest of the ride is basically just a barely felt drop and a banked turn over and over. If you want the credit, you basically have to sit near the front and keep your back off of the seat.

It looks much more fun than it actually is.

Power Tower
I did ride the shot side, just to compare it to Lagoon’s, as Sid said he preferred the Rocket because it packed more of a punch. I’d definitely have to agree, even though Power Tower is 100 feet taller, you don’t quite feel the same intense launch and insane ejector time Lagoon’s has.

Nighty time photo.

Ouch. I guess standup coasters are pretty unique, and worth a ride I guess, but I don’t understand the appeal in putting all of my weight and force on my already aching feet. This would probably be a very fun ride if it were a sit-down coaster.

You can feel the pain emanating from the riders. Also, cobwebs and gross water. But those aren't emanating.

Another photo from the queue line.

I absolutely loved this ride; I wish there were more Huss Giant Frisbees. It was a surprise hit with my mom as well. I would be very content if Lagoon got one; it’s definitely worth re-riding.

I could have sworn I got a picture of this one. This was the last ride we hit of the trip, and it was pretty fun. Not really worth an upcharge to me, so I’m glad Cedar Point didn’t upcharge theirs.

Again, Cedar Point was AMAZING! I'll definitely try to come back some time if I can.

Say goodbye to Cedar Point! *sniff sniff*

Next stop: Mall of America! Coming soon! And it's a much shorter update!
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Thank you for the update! I love all the photos and comments. Happy

Also, I agree with your comment on Power Tower. Lagoon's Rocket is by far one of the best vertical shot rides that I have been on. My sister and I rode Power Tower back in 2000, and we both thought it sucked compared to Rocket.
Yay! Looking forward to the Minnesota pictures!

I'm excited to hear your opinion on Spongebob. I didn't really like it. :/
I though Spongebob was there best coaster there. The other 2 coasters were just too tame.

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