How many acres does lagoon have?
I'm doing a project on a place in utah for my history class, I chose lagoon, and one of the facts I have to include is how big it is, or how much land it takes. I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet about how many acres it has. Does anybody know? My project is due tomorrow.
I believe Lagoon Corporation owns upwards of 100 Acres. Wink
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Read the press kit; and yes it states that lagoon is over 100 acres of fun. Wink

Lagoon Press Kit
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I found a lot of good info concerning Lagoon's history in this article:

page 2 states:

"Lagoon is more than a resort with rides, games, stands and with the ballyhoo and gaiety of
a carousel, stretched over 120 acres of choice ground in Farmington. Lagoon is a tradition
and a memory. It is a conundrum because it is yesterday, today and tomorrow."

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