Haunted Mansion Complete Exp (Nightvision HD POV) Magic Kingdom WDW
This is the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld this has been changed in the line so there is some interactive stuff while you go through the line. I find this one better then Disneylands.

Haunted Mansion Complete Experience (HD POV) Magic Kingdom WDW

oh god the strollers.
The Haunted Mansion is the one ride I have always wanted to go on above all others. Seeing the video is awesome, but I really want to go experience it for myself.
Yes I really think that if a parent has to push there kid around in a stroller there TOO young to be at Disney. I mean there not even going to remember it. I think they should have one week with a NO STROLLER week cause its out of control and they get in the way too much cause I ALWAYS go to Disney and at least 1 time I get my back of my leg rammed or the wheels trip my foot on a stroller from careless people not paying attention on where they were pushing it. Anyways this one I like alot better then Disneyland's cause of all the interactive stuff.
Hi Greg! I saw you at 4:05! ha!

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