Flash Flood (On & Offride) Noahs Ark waterpark
This is the HD POV & Offride of Flash Flood ride at Noahs Ark in Dells, Wisconsin. americas LARGEST waterpark. The splash/wave on this ride amazed me & It was the biggest i have even seen on this type of ride. Also as your riding and you hit the bottom the wave goes up like 20 ft high in front of you then makes a curl and then your inside the wave. Right after that it comes down on you. also they have a big backboard to catch the rest of the water. Otherwise it would go off into the street cause it was next to the entrance of Noahs Ark.

Flash Flood Front Seat (HD POV) Noahs Ark Waterpark

Flash Flood (Offride HD) Noahs Ark Waterpark

I wish Lagoon would get something similar to this.
(08-31-2011, 01:47 PM)Velcro Wrote: I wish Lagoon would get something similar to this.

That would be great and make it like perilous plunge with a 85 degree drop!

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