My Disappointing Day At Seven Peaks Salt Lake (Formally Raging Waters)
(06-28-2011, 11:16 PM)linearinduction Wrote: [quote='Velcro' pid='45525' dateline='1309276248']
I would still write a formal complaint letter and mail it to Seven Peaks even if they don't care as Sid has stated. Outline the issues you had, and let them know you plan not to return and you plan to promote Cowabunga Bay over their park to all your friends and family. I would then encourage anyone else who has had a bad experience to do the same. Complaining on Facebook on their page isn't as effective. Maybe if the owners of Seven Peaks get enough complaints they will start to care. As someone who has worked as a manager in the past, I can't imagine that every person in upper management would ignore something like that, especially if they want to stay in business.
I know for a fact that a Complaint Letter will fall upon deaf ears, as they routinely ignore customer complaints, don't reply to letters, and several organizations involved with the "Pass of All Passes" are extremely unhappy with Seven Peaks.

I don't think that giving them a chance to fix there problems is in order as this is what your doing when writing them. If as many people are disgusted with seven peaks quality as I am reading around the web and seven peaks is seeing it or (should be if they had any business sense) and they are not trying to fix it then the rumor of them not caring or thinking they are big enough to not have to care is also true.
And they are going to run them selves out of business because about 1 in 20 disappointed customers will complain most will just never return and before seven peaks realizes they have made a bad name for themselves it will be to late. and the surrounding water parks will push them out.
Problem is that once they are out of business will the people in the competition water parks hire the management of the seven peaks when they are out of jobs because they have been in the business before?? (see the vicious circle)
You never know so the best thing to do as a consumer is watch boards like this on the web and research to make sure these boards are not just a ploy from competition to steal customers from each other by tainting the competitions name.

Have fun out there and if you don"t want to research everything you do before you play then easiest way to decide is go for price because a lesser experience is cushioned with a lower price.
But when shopping for lower price always look for low initial price followed by the nickle and dime you to death when in the end you would get lower experience and the highest cost. DON"T BE A SUCKER for their methods.

Sincerely The Fun Seeker.Happy

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