Colossus Museum....
I had an idea that Lagoon could in front of its classic coaster put a memorial to the builders and to the ride. What do ya guys think?
That would be a good idea. They could tell about how it used to be in European carnivals and stuff. Then maybe people wouldn't ask why the US flag isn't at the top anymore.
The USA flag was on top this season and last season. Just at the end of this season it wasn't up there becasue of wind it got ripped up so we took it down. Well it actually fell down but ya. And if you guys as guest think ya get alot of questions man as employees we get tons of questions about the rides. If you rode Dragon while i was up there I would tell people waiting in line on slow days about the history of Dragon.
I'm pretty sure the German flag was at the top last April. Oh well
Not this last April I put them up I know it wasn't.
I have a brother in law who served an LDS mission to Romania. His brother was an Area 3 supervisor at the time and arranged to have the Romania flag fly on the Dragon Lift.
Ya you can ya just have to talk to the Ride Manager who handles that
That would be sweet. They also need to repaint it.Who designed collossus, the guy
Anton Schwartkopf was the designer and he was the company. He designed all of the rides that ever became a reality but now he is dead and a new ride of his hasn't been made for a while now. Rides of his have been replaced to other parks and declared as new but the steel in those coaster is as old as you grandparents! Laugh
Harry Wrote: Anton Schwartkopf was the designer and he was the company. Res of quote cut off Laugh
And how do you pronounce that Laugh Happy Laugh Happy

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