June 2011 Potluck Discussion Thread
I am making bread right now. There will be enough for 36 sandwiches. I am going to get a roast for roast beef. What appliances do I need to bring? I will bring the oven and I can bring the meat slicer if that is needed.
What are we doing for dinner?
(06-05-2011, 10:17 AM)Rubber Ducky Wrote: I'll be working on Monday. Unsure

Not even sure what I'll be working.

Are you still planning on joining us after work?

(06-05-2011, 11:24 AM)LIF Chef Wrote: I am making bread right now. There will be enough for 36 sandwiches. I am going to get a roast for roast beef. What appliances do I need to bring? I will bring the oven and I can bring the meat slicer if that is needed.

If you don't mind bringing the meat slicer, I will buy unsliced ham then. Karena and I are heading out to buy the stuff for the potluck in a few hours, so that is good to know. I also know there are a few people looking forward to toasting their sandwiches, so I am glad you are bringing your oven.

Just so everyone knows, Karena and I won't be there until 2 or 3 because Karena has to work tonight. I want to give her some time to sleep.
I think this is going to be a great potluck. We are going to be able to produce funnel cakes faster with more skillets and more rings.

I am going to try to be there early myself.
What are we doing for dinner?
I can bring pepperoni and turkey/chicken. I'll probably just go to the Wal-Mart Deli and get whatever looks good. Will has the ham and LIF Chef has the roast beef covered. Any other requests for meat...PM me Smile
I got turkey pastrami and colby jack cheese.
What are we doing for dinner?
Thanks to everyone who attended the potluck! It was great. We tried to fill a train on Fire Dragon, but we came up 12 people short. Maybe another potluck.

If you joined us today and have any experiences to share, please reply and tell us about it!! I have some pictures that I will upload tomorrow or Wednesday and I will write up some fun stuff for everyone. Happy
Holy Cow we had SOOOOO much food!

I'd like to please encourage anyone who enjoys lagoonisfun.com to COME to the potlucks and help us EAT all the food!

We had a great time riding various rides together and watching the 2011 entertainment show. Thanks everyone! Rolleyes
I had a great time! It was so good to see everyone. It sure is fun to hang with people as crazy about Lagoon as I am. (Where was LIF when I was growing up?) Wish we would have had enough members there at the time to fill the entire train for the Fire Dragon take over. There's always next time. The food was awsome! Thanks to all. Hard to believe we have to wait a whole month till the next one. Can't wait!
You'll Never Know Until You Go!
Even though I cannot ride very many rides at Lagoon, I still have lots of fun going to Lagoon. I think my favorite part of heading to the park for these potlucks is meeting up with the people who have come to love my website. I have developed lots of friendships on this website, and I enjoy seeing everyone every month. Here is my trip report from Monday:

First, my wife and I did not get to the park until about 3:00 PM. She has to work graveyards, so I give her some time to sleep before heading to Lagoon. When I got there, Sid dragged me into Lagoon-A-Beach to take a look at Bombora from the beach side and to check out a missing slide.

[Image: normal_138.jpg]

[Image: normal_123.jpg]

I think Bombora looks great from the beach and fits in well.

[Image: normal_113.jpg]

[Image: normal_109.jpg]

[Image: normal_105.jpg]

Surf curves:

[Image: normal_110.jpg]

[Image: normal_104.jpg]

[Image: normal_103.jpg]

Here is a photo of the new location for Ruby's Tubes, just to the right after entering Lagoon-A-Beach

[Image: normal_102.jpg]

While in the beach, we went over and looked at the missing water slide. Sid told me that the slide is sitting in the grassy area to the North of the park. I'm hoping Lagoon has taken some of our advice and decided to rebuild Lagoon-A-Beach over in the north area one slide at a time over the next 7 years. Happy The supports are still up for the slide:

[Image: normal_120.jpg]

[Image: normal_121.jpg]

[Image: normal_118.jpg]

[Image: normal_119.jpg]

In the following image, you can still see the water pipes in place where the missing water slide began:

[Image: normal_116.jpg]

[Image: normal_115.jpg]

Sid pointed out something funny. First, look at this picture:

[Image: normal_107.jpg]

Great idea for this sign. We don't need people climbing into Bombora's ride enclosure to retrieve a ball. However, Lagoon decided to put one of these sign's on a fence that did not make much sense:

[Image: normal_108.jpg]

As you can see in the above pic, a person can easily walk down the steps to retrieve the ball on the other side of the fence. The big question is, how many park guests find a life guard to retrieve a ball that ended up by the dressing rooms? Happy

[Image: normal_143.jpg]

The food was great! We had everything ...

[Image: normal_139.jpg]

... even refreshing Gatorade and gasoline!

[Image: normal_147.jpg]

[Image: normal_145.jpg]

Sid is the funnel cake master!

[Image: normal_150.jpg]

Finally, I took a photo of the old hot tub area in Lagoon-A-Beach because I thought it was funny they still had signs telling people the hot tub area is closed. I think people can figure it out just by looking!

[Image: normal_128.jpg]

The potluck was a blast. Next time, I will remember to get pics of everyone riding rides. I think we will make it a habit of doing group rides after the funnel cakes in the evening. We seem to have more luck getting everyone together at that time. For this potluck, we tried to fill a Dragon train, but sadly came up 12 people short.

If there is a ride that you want to see a bunch of Lagoon Is Fun people ride together, let me know. If I like your suggestion, we will ride it at the next potluck.

See you all at the next one!!

Note: All the above photos and more were uploaded to the photo gallery bringing the total number of photo gallery photos to 7,941!
Here is the video filmed by Deathbyillusion of everyone on Fire Dragon during the potluck:


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