Dracula's Castle Discussion
What one prop would you get rid of? Why?
If it were me I wouls tear everything out and re due it. But the topic is one thing so ....

I think I would tear out the Pond area inside there. I mean the name is Dracula Castle. It should be more of a castle theme and that doesn't fit to me.
I was once told the meaning of the Pond, but couldn't tell you anymore. But for me I would redo the Dungeon room. I saw pictures once of the original look of the dungeon room and it was very awesome. And now with Dracula broken the dungeon room is worse than it has ever been.
I really like the pond area. The first time I went on Drac and went by the pond, I thought I was going to fall in. It really freaked me out. It's not fun now, but I'm sure all first-timers get a kick out of it.
I would go in a make it more like a castle theme.
I am intrigued by the castle theme idea. Could you expound on that?
Keep it Draculas Castle, but instead of it going into a morgue looking area have it go up and down a little more and ahve it go through the layers of a castle. With some fog mahines. With a dungeon area with hanging skeletons and have the props operated by an an operator. have a few ops in the back controlling a cetain amount of props. and the Owl outside they need to re due and make more real looking and have it purched out by the line and instead of a recording have some one behind one way glass controlling him and talking to guests in line that way it doesn't get annoying while waitng in line.
That does sound like fun. I was informed once that when the ride opened it did have a fog machine. I'm not sure of the location though. I do like that idea of having a complete castle theme. I think they were trying for that originally, but with the next room being a completely different spot of the castle, it makes it hard to follow.

Layers does sound like fun. Heck, they could take out Game time (I wouldn't mind) and fill the rest of that building with additional Dracula's Castle rooms and areas. That would be awesome. How would you like a nice 5 minute dark ride? That sounds like fun to me!
i like velcros idea to take out game time and build on to draculas castle or redue the castle so stuff wil work that doesnt now but igues theres nothing i would take out i would just like to see it redone
Ya taking out Gametime would be cool. It doesn't get very busy anyway unless it rains outside. They should re due it and adverstise it as the new ride maybe do it one year that they put in a coaster. that way they get the traffic flow through it as weel since coaster years bring in much more people.

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