Downloads section opening up!
Ok, the downloads section should now be working. I've opened up a category called "NoLimits" for anyone to upload their NoLimits files for others to download. If you've got something to share then feel free to give the new downloads section a try.

Let me know if there are any issues.

How exactly do we upload things to it? I can't find a place to upload things to it anywhere...
Member of Lagoon Games Department 2010-2011
When you are in the downloads area, you should see the word "upload" in the top right corner.
/\ No, not really.

Here's a screenshot if it helps:
Member of Lagoon Games Department 2010-2011
^ Yes, really.

Here's a screenshot if it helps:
It's not on mine, either. I think it only works on certain computers.
Will, I believe you have a permissions issue on your hands. Wink

Edit: And it appears that I don't have the proper permissions to change the permissions. Tongue
LOL. Oh. Let me look into that. I didn't even think of permissions when I set it up.
Sorry everyone that tried to upload a file. You should now be able to do so.

Another cool feature added: I've also added the ability for anyone to submit an article for review. If I like your article I will add it to the website. I'm not 100% sure how the feature works on a regular users end so if anyone wants to take a go at it for me, maybe we can figure this out making it easy for anyone to help out where interested. Smile

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