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Based on a suggestion by Gooma, I thought it would be intriquing to discuss whether Lagoon's attendance is up or down this year.
i would say this years attendence is up a little from last year
that is nothing when i worked there my first year (1999) there was a day that we had sysco, thycal, and we were open to the public. we were pushing 20,000 at least. it took about 20 min to walk from sky ride south to the break room at the center of the park (not PV). you couldnt help but walk into ppl because it was sholder to sholder all the way down the midway. I think we were open till 1:30 that night i think. And then we stayed in the parking lot till 3am, thouse were the days.
You younguns make me laugh
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.

Didn't that only happen once?

I kind of wish Lagoon would release attendance records each year. But I think that the attendance was up a lot more this year. I found myself going to more shows and Lagoon-A-Beach a whole lot more last year than the year before that because the lines for the rides were too long.

Mike 8)
I recall at one point three trains wasn't that uncommon during the busiest of days at Lagoon.
Speaking of attendance, I found an article regarding attendance rising this past year overall for the amusement industry:

The article does mention that Cedar Point's attention was down though.
Me and my wife go on opening day every year, and I would say attendance was up on opening day for 05' then the year before.
One of my life time goals is to visit every amusement park world wide (or atleast nation wide) and ride every roller coaster.
I got to run Fire Dragon in 3 train mode a few times.
Three trains on Dragon.

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