The old stories of the old Wild Mouse (and other things)
Alright, when the almighty Google fails me I seek forum members help. Yes, I'm probably breaking some rule, but I'm going to ask anyway - apparently the old Wild Mouse, before it's rebuilding a few years ago, the carts would actually tip and I've heard there was some sort of accident? Was it fatal?

Which brings me to my next question - have there even been fatalities in Lagoon related to Wild Mouse? I can't seem to find that answer as well. According to, there have been two, but they do not tell the specifics of the rides.

To quote this page:

Sunday, April 30, 1989 - A 6-year-old boy died in an accident in Farmington, Utah after being struck by a roller coaster car which he had fallen from. The boy attempted to vacate his compartment after the ride had come to a stop past the normal boarding area. The operator decided to send the train around the track again, and as the ride restarted, the boy fell to the ground, which was less than four feet beneath the track. He climbed back up through the track and was struck by the car as it returned. Apparently, the operator could not have stopped the ride once the train had reached the top of the incline, as the ride was gravity-driven.

Sunday, June 9, 1989 - In an accident in Farmington, Utah, a 13-year-old girl was killed in a 40-foot fall from a roller coaster.

I'd really really appreciate the old details of the old Wild Mouse and it's mishaps. I'm sure this has been brought up before but I can't find ANY information for the life of me. It's like the elephant in the room analogy.
No, there never was a death on the wild mouse. Really.

The boy died on Puff and the girl died on Roller Coaster.
Interesting. Guess I shouldn't listen to people who weren't obviously there. :p

So what was the point of the change in Wild Mouse then? Just to keep up with the times (because yea, that white roller coaster is so old but whatever) or was it the weird tilting tracks I've heard it used to have?
^ The tracks didn't tilt, but the cars were able to tilt a little during the turns. I'm not sure of an exact reason for the change in the coaster type (wood to steel), but I'm sure it has something to do with the newer technology available.

As for Roller Coaster, it is old, but not behind the times. Many new wooden roller coasters are still built today by companies like PTC, Gravity Group, GCII and S&S. Personally, I think Roller Coaster is one of the best of the older wooden coasters still around. Smile
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The old wild mouse either broke or they stopped running it because to expensive or risky to operate. It sat there for several years not running before they removed it. Then there was nothing there for a while. They opened the new mouse in 1998 I believe. It wasn't really a direct replacement or a switch. They just closed the old one when it got too old, and years later they opened a new one in the same place.
The cars were held on by a t-bar underneath, thus the reason they were able to tilt (a little bit).

The old wild mouse was just that old, the track was beginning to flex in spots when cars went over them, so lagoon decided it was time to remove the ride because of safety concerns.
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My brother, who is in his late 30's has no doubt that many people were killed on the old wild mouse. It's the most common Lagoon myth I hear from people my age (I'm about as old as the girl who died on Roller Coaster would be today). There is no record of it ever happening, but my brother knows it's a cover-up. I personally think aliens are more likely.

The two deaths you found are the only recorded deaths of guests on rides at Lagoon. When I researched it a few years back I remember finding an employee being killed by a garbage truck, An employee falling off of roller coaster, a drunk guy who broke into the park at night drown in either the pool or the lagoon, a few elderly people who died of natural causes (not on rides), and an employee who rode a train from Roller Coaster into a holding area with only a couple inches of clearance. All of these are from my memory, so you should look for confirmation elsewhere before taking them as fact.

I think it's possible that people could have died at Lagoon in the distant past, and there just isn't a record anymore. Lagoon is old.

I bet far more people have died on I-15 at the Lagoon exit than have actually died in the park.

I never correct people on their Lagoon myths unless they specifically ask me about them. These kind of myths are part of what makes Lagoon fun for a lot of people.

Yeah, I guess it is a myth... I just heard a lot of different stories on how it happened but they all lead to the conclusion of someone dying on Wild Mouse. Even showed my mom this info when I found no trace of Wild Mouse deaths and she was all "But I swear..." She couldn't really believe that someone hadn't died on that ride, rather it be the new or old one. I wonder how the others will react.

There's just something so... weird about knowing someone died on the ride you are riding. Surely I won't be riding Puff anytime soon but all those happy little kids don't know that on a particular spot someone died...

Still a fun park though. I wonder if anyone will fall off the skyline things, lol. I mean seriously they kinda scared me.

(you know, those things you sit on that take you across the park and are used at ski resorts)
Sky Ride, and they are called Ski Lifts Smile
So, the little boy who was killed on Puff had an explanation of why he was killed. But what exactly would cause a person to fall from the Roller Coaster? I'm curious about this because I don't want to make the same mistake.

Also, Skwid mentioned that the old wild mouse was replaced because of the track flexing as the cars went over it. Is that different from the fact that Jet Star II also flexes as the train goes over? Or has that been corrected?
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